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Born on 2004, Artiman Medical Innovation started its activities by exclusive distribution of some of the best well-known surgical and cosmetic lasers, aiming to open some innovative windows in the realm. Keeping in mind this huge responsibility, Artiman Medical Innovation keeps cooperating with different university hospitals and research centers to hold specialty workshops, seminars, and congresses regarding the most advanced, up-to-date surgical and cosmetic technologies.

Physiotherapy, Pain Management


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18th International exhibition of health

18th International exhibition of health


Mona Lisa touch workshop

ARTIMAN plans workshop with the topic using co2 laser in the treatment of vaginal atrophy, incontinence of urine and fix the problems after the menopausal. in this regard, a workshop with the title "t...


Rejuvenescimento Vaginal com Monalisa Touch - Dra Elaine Mallmann